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Legal analysis of agreements with foreign customers for 99 €
We perform a quick and high-quality audit of all types of contracts.
We will protect your interests and provide the most favorable conditions for the conclusion or termination of the contract.
Legal Services
IT Agreements

Master Service Agreement

drafting/analysis of the Master Service Agreement

Website Development Agreement

drafting/analysis of the Website
Development Agreement

Mobile Application Development Agreement

drafting/analysis of the Mobile
Application Development Agreement

Web Design Agreement

drafting/analysis of the Web-Design Agreement

Informatization Agreement

drafting/analysis of the
Informatization Agreement

Statement of work

drafting/analysis of the Statement
of work

Service Level Agreement (including Agile, Waterfall, Kanban, Scrum

drafting/analysis of the Service Level Agreement

Software Service Agreement / Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Agreement

drafting/analysis of the Software Development Agreement/Saas

Marketing Agreements
Other Agreements

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), Non-solicitation agreement (NSA), Non-compete agreement (NCA)

drafting/analysis of the agreements

Referral and Partnership Agreements

drafting/analysis of the Referral and Partnership Agreements

Outsourcing and Outstaffing Service Agreements

Referral and Partnership

Marketing Agreement (including Affiliate Marketing Agreement and Insertion Order)

drafting/analysis of the Marketing

SEO Agreement

drafting/analysis of the SEO

Advertising Agreement

drafting/analysis of the Advertising Agreement

Foreign customers use different legal constructions while hiring employees/or cooperating with contractors outside the country where their head office is located.

Our team of international lawyers has a wide range of expertise and extensive experience, allowing us to help a client with any type of contract, any jurisdiction, and level of complexity.
Stages of work:
Analysis of any agreement has the same cost and consists of stages:
Cost of analysis of any agreement:
*includes analysis of agreement up to 25 pages
Inspection of the contractor company
Inspection of the contractor company and the availability of authority to conclude an agreement with their representative
Drafting of the divergence protocol
Drafting of the divergence protocol and making options for changing the provisions agreement in accordance with the interests of clients, determining the strategy of providing comments to the contractor
Analysis of agreement
Analysis of agreement on the existence of necessary conditions and details, correctness of the description of the Parties, confirmation of the existence of all agreements that the Parties have agreed, its correctness and trueness, searching of risk and masked moments or hidden conditions including those that put a client in the disadvantage
Final version of agreement
Drafting and transfer of final version of the text of agreement to the client with proposed options of wording of agreement`s provisions, reasoning for making changes for the second Party and corresponding letter for further communication with contract/partner.
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Legal services for resolving issues related to NDA, NSA, NCA
Our team of lawyers provides assistance in resolving issues related to the NDA (non-disclosure agreement), NCA (non-compete agreement), and NSA (non-solicitation agreement).
We have analyzed the regulation of this issue in Ukraine and consolidated this knowledge based on practice in more than 30 jurisdictions.
Your team will assist you with:
exclude obligations regarding non-disclosing, non-compete, and non-solicitation in the conducted agreement and obtain the relevant legal opinion
bypass restrictions established in agreements or in separate provisions of agreements
mitigate the wording, reach a compromise with a customer and formalize it in the agreement
Non-disclosure agreement
Non-compete agreement
Non-solicitation agreement
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Why do contractors need a help of a lawyer when concluding a contract?
  • Correctly regulate legal relations with the customer, taking into account the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, tax authorities, and banking institutions

  • Get a valid contract confirming the legitimacy of receiving income

  • Determine the conditions and procedure for payment for the services provided as profitably as possible

  • Accurately and specifically define the functions and responsibilities, as well as the procedure for setting tasks, acceptance of the result of work by the customer

  • Identify and minimize/exclude the usage of penalties by the customer

  • Determine the definition of the confidential information and get the right to place information about cases in the portfolio

  • Establish the most favorable conditions of the provisions "on non-competition" and "non-solicitation"

  • Properly determine the procedure for pre-term termination of the contract and the consequences that arise as a result of this
in the IT-sphere, Technology, Marketing, and FinTech Services
settled disputes with foreign customers
international lawyers on board
jurisdictions in countries with generated expertise
We also serve customers` companies and know the strategies for building contracts in terms of strengthening the positions, as well as the field for possible concessions
We are interested in the latest news in corporate and IT law. We invest in the international education of our specialists
In any task, we are focused on the result for the client and achieve the most favorable conditions for concluding contracts
We already have the expertise in more than 30 jurisdictions, therefore, we do not waste time discovering the specific of any country, since we have the knowledge and understand the specifics
Our team has huge experience in crisis management and solving complicated tasks. No matter how non-standard and complex your case may be, we are ready to offer our expertise to regulate and resolve your issue.
5% discount on the second service for our client
Get an express analysis of your agreement
Submit an application with your phone number and the description of the issue. We will choose the best options for the legal solution to your problem. Our lawyer will contact you to discuss the details.
Successful resolution of a dispute between a group of customers - software developers and a customer from the United Kingdom
Achieved recovery of unpaid amounts totaling 180 thousand euros and canvassed non-compete obligations to ban cooperation with 1 company within 6 months.
At the same time assisting a group of 23 Ukrainian IT specialists
During the relocation process of their office to Cyprus, adapting labor, and service contracts, as well as non-disclosure and non-competition agreements to the interests and requirements of clients
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Drafting new and reviewing the active agreements with Ukrainian and foreign customers.
Legal analysis of agreements with foreign customers
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